Hell no, your personal information is freely accessible. If you use Facebook, Twitter, most email services, register your car or have your name in the Census, it is a fair bet that your information with everyone else’s is all over the place. You just got to know how to look for it.

So how might you keep the Internet from keeping organizations from getting your information? Short answer: you can’t. Tragically, you can never totally expel it from the Internet. However, there are approaches to limit your online presence, which would diminish the odds of your information showing up. Here are a few different ways to do this. If you have just looked for somebody on the web, you, as a rule, discover information from freely available information. Websites that have this data, such as telephone numbers, addresses, land records, marriage records, death records, criminal records, etc., have collected and consolidated them from dozens of different places and placed them in a center convenient.

While this information is available online for public access, it is the consolidation of this information in one place that can bother people. The most popular individuals searching for sites use information that is in the open domain; be that as it may, this information used to be somewhat covered up because of the difficulty of somebody gathering this measure of information about somebody. The accompanying locales are not doing anything unlawful. This is all open information. Destinations that gather this information go about as web search tools for open information. Here are how you can quit a few of the most popular record verification, and individuals search locales. You don’t need to pay to erase your information. Here are how you can quit a few of the most popular historical verification, and individuals search locales. You don’t need to pay for your information to be erased.

These sites may collect a lot of information about you, which includes Your name, Your current address, Other addresses where you have previously lived, your e-mail, Your mobile, and home phone numbers, Birthdate, Family Names, Details of any criminal conviction, Details of arrests that did not lead to a conviction, names of your friends, business partners or housemates, If you are married or divorced and the name of your spouse, Your education, Your employer, Assets, as if you own a house.

Sites that publish information

There are many sites on the internet that gather your information and make it public for all the people to see. Among those many sites, some famous sites are


https://radaris.com/ is a website that collects the information of people from different websites, and there you can find details of other people online. But there is a method to delete your data from there.

To delete your Radaris information from their servers, look for your public archives and then authenticate that you are the person who wants to delete the data so you can delete your information from the website.

1: Go to the Radaris main page.

2: Discover yourself from the text boxes.

3: opt For Full Profile in the result that relates to you. You can apply the filtering preferences to decrease the results if there are numerous.

4: Select the small arrow next to the Background Check and contact information button, and choose Control Information.

5: Select Control Information.

6: Log in to complete deleting your information.

7: Authenticate that this profile is yours by registering your real name in the spaces given. Also, enter your phone number and go to Send code.

8: When you get the code, submit it on the Radaris website and select Submit.

9: Go to View Profile option.

10: Go to Control Information and then Manage Information

11: Next to your profile, select Delete specific records.

12: See through the list of data and examine the box next to all you want to delete from Radaris.

13: Scroll to the bottom and choose to Delete selected records.


Its technology analyzes the content of more than sixty social sites, news sources, home pages, and blog platforms and identifies the real people who support it, combining their scattered fingerprints in a comprehensive record of their online identity.

There is a way to delete the data from https://www.peekyou.com/

1: Go to http://www.peekyou.com/. Submit your first and last name, and click on that button with a magnifying glass.

2: Discover your profile and click on the name.

3: You will be guided to your profile. Copy the exclusive identification number that is part of the URL. It is in the higher left corner.

4: Go for the https://www.peekyou.com/about/contact/optout/index.php link.

5: Fill Up the form. Enter your complete name, email, paste the exclusive identification number, write a memo to the peekyou.com group that wants to erase your profile. Solve the reCAPCHA and go for “Send.”

6: To verify your application, reply to a mail from PeekYou; don’t fail to remember to add in your URL.


https://www.spokeo.com/ is a people intelligence service that helps find, connect, and know other people. You can use it to find old friends, identify unknown people, or investigate their date. Professionals use it to find new clients or to avoid fraud. Knowledge is a quick search away.

1: Search for https://www.spokeo.com/. Submit your first and last name. After that, go to “Search.”

2: Discover your profile, then go to “View results.”

3: Copy the URL that you see (you can found the URL at the highest point of your program)

4: Go to https://www.spokeo.com/optout/. You must paste the complete URL from the last page, submit your original email address, and resolve the reCAPTCHA. Press “Remove the posting.”

5: You will be contacted via email from Spokeo. Snap-on the connection to complete the expulsion procedure.

6: Your profile has been successfully removed from Spokeo servers. Trust that all updates will be thought about the site.

Spokeo allows just five evacuation demands for every mail address and IP. If you get a message that says “To stay away from misuse, we should confine the recurrence of mechanized protection demands,” utilize transitory expendable email administrations, for example, https://www.guerrillamail.com/

Google Search Results

In case you find your details in the images tab of google, or you find your details there, there is also a way to delete the information from there.

You can send a legal request to Google to be deleted.

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How to Delete Your Personal Data From Public Record Websites